The Danbury Lodge


• Spacious living area
• Light and airy feel
• Feature fireplace
• Steel pantile roof
• Upvc double glazed throughout
• Gas combi central heating
• Vaulted ceiling throughout
• Mirror to the lounge area
• Exterior light
• Domestic interior doors
• Large comfortable seating lounge seating area
• Fold out bed for extra sleeping accommodation
• LED lighting throughout


Delta Danbury 2022

The Danbury has a large spacious living area. The open plan layout provides a feeling of space and comfort. The dinette and kitchen area are equally as spacious. Well fitted bedrooms and large fabric headboards add to the look and feel of comfort. The modern styling and rich colours give the Danbury the feeling of luxury. Decking can be designed/purchased separately

*Decking and skirting is sold separately via our approved decking contractors. A design and quotations will be arranged on handover of your lodge if required.

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